12 Fun Facts about Italy

Every country has a lot of  mysteries which have been always a point of attraction for many people.  However, when it comes to  Italy, one may find numerous facts about Italy which  are informative as well as fun filled for the people who are interested in knowing them. These facts are associated with the country from the foundation to population and almost everything.

What “Italy” Means
Italy has been named from the word “Italia”, this word means “calf land” people of southern Italian tribes used to have a symbol of bull and the name Italy comes from this.


Food Heritage
Upon the opening of Mc Donald’s in Italy, the other food ventures offered the residents free of cost spaghetti so that the population does not forget the heritage of the country in the context of food.


Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain at Italy collects about 3000 pounds daily in the form of change by the visitors and this amount is being donated for charity but the executors.trevi-fountain-rome-1600x990

Seamless Volcanoes
Italy is known for the presence of the three most seamless volcanoes, it includes Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli.


Italy Has been the Pioneer in Many Food Items
Italians have been the pioneer of cooking and the introduction of coffee, pies, ice-cream and French fries first evolved from Italy and then traveled to the other countries of the world.


Population, Birth Rate and Low Death Rate
Italy is the populous nation in the entire Europe and the country is known for its low birth rate and low death rate.

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Introduction of Pasta

Italy introduced pasta as an Italian cuisine back in 4th century and the world then adopted this dish, till date there are about five hundred kinds of pastas which are being eaten in Italy and has been adopted by other countries as well.


Grape Vine Cultivation

Italy is known to cultivate a hefty amount of vines throughout the year and it is then exported to the other countries of the world.


Battery Invention
The very first battery in the world was also invented in Italy by a renowned Italian named Alessandro Volta.


Invention of Thermometer
The invention of thermometer was conducted in Italy by an Italian individual names Gabriel Farenheight and now this thermometer is being used throughout the world.


Longest Tunnel
Italy is also known for its longest tunnel that gives a rail link between Switzerland and Italy.


Leaning Tower of Pisa
Italy has a famous wonder named as Leaning Tower of Pisa which was built with a weak foundation that made it lean, however after the repairs now the tower has its life increased for about 200 years.

By Andrea Pack


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