5 Things to Do in Naples

Situated in the south of the country, Naples is one of the most visited cities of Italy. With its gorgeous monuments and its mouth-watering pizzas, Naples is a must-visit with if you are planning a trip to Italy. Following are five things to do in Naples.

Piazza Plebiscito in Naples

1. Piazza del Plebiscito
Built in the 19th century, the Pizza del Plebiscite is one of the must-see monuments of Napoli. Renovated a couple of times due to incidents such as fires and the WWII, the large Piazza is back to its splendid self. The semi-circular piazza as two different facades; one is the Royal Palace of Naples, and the other is the Church of San Francesco di Paola, which was designed based on the Pantheon of Roma. On the facade of the majestic building are statues of the eight famous kings of Naples carved meticulously in their honor.


2. Palazzo Reale
The Royal Palace of Naples was built in 1600 to host King Philip III of Spain, who never really lived there. The palace then became the residence of Austrians and later that of Bourbons. This symbolic landmark also beholds what is considered to be the most sumptuous staircase of Europe, leading to the royalty apartments. Today, those have been converted into a museum where visitors can discover the rich collections of Baroque and Neoclassical furnishings, tapestries, pieces of porcelain and other decorative objects of that time.


3. Galleria Umberto I
The Galleria Umberto I is considered as the epicenter of Naples. On your visit there, you will notice how lively and vibrant the shopping mall is. Whether people are enjoying an afternoon espresso, a refreshing gelato or just passing through the mall, the Galleria Umberto is a very busy hub at any time of the day. This unique shopping mall is the perfect place is you are looking to do some shopping from the best Italian labels before going back home. Designed by Emanuele Rocco and Francesco Paolo Boubèe, the Galleria is lavishly ornated resembling the Galleria Vittorio II in Milan.

Teatro di San Carlo. 2009

4. San Carlo Opera House
Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, this opera house stands out in different ways. Inaugurated on November 4, 1737, the venue is the oldest still active in Europe. With a total of 3,300 seats, it is also considered as the largest Opera house in the world. The magnificent theater has earned Naples its reputation as the Music Capital of Europe. To perform at this grand avenue remains a dream for many musicians, a goal for the ambitious and a significant achievement for the most talented around the world.

pizza margherita

5. Neapolitan Pizza
As you know, Naples is the home of Pizza. If you want to eat the best pizzas, take a trip to Naples; the savoir-faire is worth the journey. While the basic dough was created in the middle east area, it is in Naples, in 1760, that the round-shaped flatbread was first covered with tomatoes. At that time, pizzas were the poor people’s food that could be bought at every corner of the street. But one day, Queen Margherita tasted this new dish, instantly fell in love with it and since the Neapolitan pizza was also called Margherita pizza in her honor. To this day, pizzas haven’t stopped growing in popularity, conquering the hearts of other countries on the way.

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