6 Reasons Why Italy Should Be Your 2017 Destination

If you haven’t traveled to one of the most magical places on earth, it’s long overdue. No one should live their lives deprived of experiencing the sheer beauty and history that Italy has to offer. But as though you actually needed us to twist your arm, here are 6 reasons why Italy should be this year’s destination for you.

  1. History. There are few places in the world that boast as much beautiful ancient architecture and traditions as Italy. It is like taking a time machine to a beautiful, eclectic place in the world that is still preserved and absolutely breath taking.pexels-photo-227417

2. Cuisine. We have heard from several clients that now that they have been to Italy, they are ruined for life cuisine-wise. Nothing tops fresh buffalo mozzarella, artisan baked goods, and splendid recipes and craftsmanship handed down through families for thousands of years.


3. Fashion. With Milan being one of the world’s fashion capitals, it’s no wonder Italian fashion always sets the tone for the rest of the world. High end craftsmanship, beautiful textiles, and new and innovative ideas often stem from Italian influence.



4. Wine. You can’t truly experience Italy until you spend an afternoon at a small bistro sipping world renowned wines. Once you have tried some of the artisan Chiantis and Chablis’, you will never appreciate wine to its fullest potential like you did while visiting this amazing land.


5. Art. Some of the world’s most renown and sought-after artwork was created in Italy. From ancient times to the present, Italy is top notch when it comes to gorgeous Italian creations.

pexels-photo (2)

6. People. When you visit Italy, you feel immediately at home. With culture that has been carried over through centuries, locals are known for their welcoming, charming, and generous dispositions. The Italian way is to share. And one of the most common ways local Italians share, is through food and wine.

By Andrea Pack


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