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Join us on an unforgettable 3-hour adventure through the heart of Ancient Rome on this VIP morning tour of the Colosseum. Stand awestruck in the shadow of the world famous Colosseum, as you get acquainted with your knowledgeable Rome expert! With a maximum group size of 12, you’ll have plenty of time to interact with your cicerone, who will point out hidden gems and fill you in on the insider secrets of the city.

Receive privileged access to exclusive areas in the Colosseum that are not open to the general public, but we’ll also explore the remnants of ancient palaces on Palatine Hill before delving deeply into the Roman Forum. After decades of being closed to the public, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rings of the Colosseum are now open for select tour groups to explore. Skip the line and make your way into exclusive areas. Scale to the top of the glorious amphitheater, where you can take in some of the most breathtaking views of Rome! From this unique vantage point you’ll not only get an overhead view of the Roman Forum, but also an impressive perspective of the interior of the Colosseum below.

From above, you’ll have the opportunity to examine the layout of the arena floor, where legendary gladiatorial battles took place, and the underground “hypogeum” which lies beneath it. Discuss the incredibly advanced building techniques that the Ancient Romans used to built this enduring structure, including the trap doors, pulley systems and ancient elevators which led to the stage, and even the retractable roof, or “velarium”, which once covered it. Relive the days when Roman citizens gathered at the Colosseum for “bread and circuses” and wonder about the grand gladiatorial combats, hunting games, and war reenactments that took place here millennia ago.

The very roots of the Roman Empire can be traced back to the Roman Forum – not only in history, but also in legend. Roman folklore recognizes the “Foro Romano” as the cradle of Rome in which Romulus and Remus, the fathers of Rome, were raised by a she-wolf. Historically, though, this wasthe very center of Ancient Roman life, where senators, emperors, gladiators, Vestal Virgins, and civilians would go about their daily affairs. Legendary figures such as Marcus Aurelius, Cleopatra, and Julius Caesar would have spent much time in these quarters – in fact, the Temple of Caesar, equipped with a marble plaque deifying the once ruler as a god, is located on the grounds.

Strolling amongst the dazzling relics and impressive structures, your guide will give you the inside scoop! Traverse the remnants of Domitian’s Palace on Palatine Hill, where remarkable mosaics and frescoes can be found. Admire the towering Temple of Faustina and Antoninus, neighbored by the evocative remains of the Temple of Vesta, before making your way to the prominent Temple of Saturn. March past the grand triumphal arches of Constantine, Titus, and Septimius Severus, reminiscing about Rome’s glory days. And walk in the footsteps of victorious leaders on the ancient cobblestones of the “Via Sacra”, pondering the famous phrase: “All roads lead to Rome.”
(Max 12 participants)

Includes: Colosseum, 3rd, 4th and 5th tiers, Arch of Constantine, Palantine Hill, Roman Forum, Via Sacra

*Please note the 3rd tier is not accessible the last Saturday of the month

  • Meeting point: central location in Rome
  • Duration: 3 hrs

Tour times and dates subject to availability

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