Private Catacombs and Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls

Historical, Sightseeing
Meet with the guide and driver at your hotel. In the 1st century AD, Christian cemeteries did not exist in Rome. Roman customs tended towards cremation, but Christians, believing in bodily resurrection, would not cremate their dead. The few Christians who had enough money to purchase land, then used these properties to bury their dead, and thus the catacombs were born. Wealthy Christian families in Rome began to excavate the ground beneath their land, providing additional space for others to bury their loved ones there. You can explore the hidden corners of Rome’s catacombs and learn the fascinating story behind these troubled tombs. Continue the visit of the Basilica : The interior of the Basilica of St. Paul is magnificent, with enormous marble columns and beautiful gold mosaics. Unfortunately, because of the fire of 1823, few parts of the Medieval basilica remain intact. However, the church still houses some mosaics from the thirteenth century, a large twelfth-century chandelier, or the marble tombstone under which the remains of St. Paul lie.On the basilica’s walls, visitors will be able to observe the portraits of each of the popes, while a ray of sunlight lights up the portrait of the current Pope, Pope Francis.
Duration: 4 hrs
Fitness Level: Moderate
Comfortable shoes are recommended

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