Private Essence & Perfume Tour and Workshop


The Venetian itinerary through the way of Palazzo Mocenigo Museum and Perfume Course This is the inspiration for the creation of a new section dedicated to a particular aspect of the history of Venetian tradition: perfume, highlighting the key role the city played in the origins of this aesthetical, cosmetic and entrepreneurial custom…” In the five rooms that are dedicated to perfume and are perfectly integrated with the attraction of the displays throughout the museum, multi-media instruments and experiences using the senses alternate along an itinerary of information, emotion and closer study. A video illustrates the role of Venice in the history of perfume, a room evokes the lab of a perfumer of the 16th century (muschiere). Raw materials and processes are displayed and illustrated, while an olfactory map describes the “Streets of Spices” crossed by the ancient Venetians. Is then presented an extraordinary collection of perfume bottles of the German company Drom, covering a number of materials dating from the Middle Ages to the present day, in a long term loan to the museum. Finally, the tour ends with the opportunity to experience, through some olfactory stations the ”fragrance families” from which come all the fragrances. Essence & Perfume

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