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Archaeology, Historical, UNESCO Site
Immeasurable treasure trove of art and history, the excavations of Herculaneum give us an ancient and beautiful city founded by the Greeks on the shores of the sea, then falling under the rule of the Sanniti, and finally, in the Roman town of Herculaneum. The eruption of Vesuvius happened in two phases: the first was a total duration of 12 hours, with the fall of white and gray pumice and the second period of seven hours consisting of hot clouds of ash. It was this second phase, which affected Herculaneum. Access to the excavations is through an avenue that is currently in the final section, along the former Marine. Herculaneum, which, unlike the nearby Pompeii was a particularly pleasant place for holidays, shows a wide range of private buildings of great historical interest, social and architectural heritage. Since 1982, a scientific support by the National Geographic Society of Washington, in particular studying skeletons, entrusted to Paleopathology Sara Bisel of Smithsonian Institution. Herculaneum, is always a fixed destination for thousands of tourists every year. The excavations of Herculaneum, Pompeii together with those of Oplontis, are included since 1997
in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Duration:  approx. 4 hrs including pick up and drop off depending on the departure location
The tour is available departing from the following location:
Amalfi coast (Positano/Amalfi/Ravello)

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