Hidden Italy- 5 Unusual Attractions to Visit

Italy is a phenomenal place to visit

Many people will want to see more than the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Trevi Fountain when visiting Italy.  Instead, they will want to see some of the more unique places that Italy has to offer the world.

The Monsters of Bomarzo

This park of monsters in the intriguing Garden of Bomarzo was never meant to be beautiful.  Instead, it displays the shock that the Prince felt after he went through numerous horrendous events in his life.  One of the events included the death of his wife.  The entire park is full of horrifying sculptures and each one has an inscription that explains its meaning.  Visitors will spot a war elephant, giants tearing each other apart, an enormous head, and more during their visit.

The Sunken City of Baia


Many people visit Pompeii when they are exploring Italy.  While visiting Pompeii they totally overlook the old resort city of Baia.  Unfortunately, this beautiful city sunk over time, but people can see it all as it is now an underwater archaeological park.  Guests can choose to snorkel, dive, or take a glass bottom boat to see the structures and statuary.  While preserving the statuary in some ways has cause the   ruining in other ways.

Torre Argentina


This is also known as the Roman Cat Sanctuary, and the site’s excavation was during the rebuilding efforts in 1929.  Discovering during the  excavation process  was numerous multilevel temples and the infamous portico of Pompey.  The killing of  Julius Caesar took place here, and it is now where more than two hundred feral cats live and play.  While in Italy at the Roman Cat Sanctuary visitors can stand there and watch the cats for hours and even play with them, while reliving the historical events that took place there.

Balestrino Ghost Village

Romagnano04 Balestrino  in Italy was a quaint medieval hill town at one time, but over the years, it has become abandoned and neglected.  For years, people could wander through the streets and the buildings.   The entire area now has fencing.  People still stand outside the gates and peer in to see if they can spot one of the ghosts that are said to haunt this fascinating site.

Valentine’s Skull


Anyone that isn’t that squeamish should try to find the skull at a small Basilica of Santa Maria in Rome.  Across the forehead of that skull is the name St. Valentine, but no one is quite sure which St. Valentine it belongs to.  After all, there were numerous saints by that name.  While there is some dispute of whether this is the real St. Valentine, it won’t hurt if people visit this skull for some hope at real love.

These are five of the more unusual places that people can visit in Italy.  These places will add a little uniqueness to all the regular tourist attractions.  There are many more that everyone can explore as well, and people just need to keep their eyes and ears open, so that they can discover them all during their visit.

By Andie P.

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