Hop on a High-Speed Train to Discover Italy

If Italy is the destination of your next vacation, you are surely in for a number of delightful surprises. With its breathtaking natural views, ancient historical sites, monuments, museums, phenomenal cuisine and so much more, Mediterranean wonders will leave you speechless. So what is the best way to discover this beautiful country? At Hello Italy Tours, we encourage exploring Italy by train to best enjoy the experience.

Italy has always been a pioneer in high-speed railways and is the home of the famous “Pendolino” family of tilting trains that are used in several countries all over the globe. The Italian high-speed rail era started with the 157 miles (252 kilometers) Rome-Florence “Direttissima.” It was the first high-speed line in Europe, which opened in 1978. Today, Trenitalia is the primary train operator in Italy, owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

The “Le Frecce,” a series of modern high-speed trains run by Trenitalia, connects cities and towns all across Italy. There are three different kinds of these: Frecciarossa (FR), Frecciargento (FA) and Frecciabianco (FB). These high-speed trains cover the majority of Italy, including all the major cities like Rome, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Venice and Milan.

The Frecciarossa trains are the fastest. This high-speed train reaches speeds of over 220 mph, covers 87 daily connections, 28 of which are non-stop trains between Milan and Rome. The Bologna and Florence FR trains offer 70 daily connections in 37 minutes. The Milan and Naples FR trains offer 36 daily connections amongst many other routes provided by the FR trains.

The Frecciargento trains can reach speeds of 155 mph and connect Rome to Venice, Verona, Lamezia, Terme/ReggioCalabria and Bari/Lecce. It runs 58 daily connections on both high-speed lines and traditional lines.

The Frecciabianca trains can reach a speed of 125 mph. These trains offer service on the traditional lines from Milan to Venice, Udine e Trieste, Genoa and Rome, and down to Bari, Lecce with 86 daily connections.

On board the Le Frecce, passengers are provided with all  the comfort to make their trip as enjoyable as possible. Trains are air-conditioned, seats are equipped with a sound system and power outlet and, on some trains, LCD touch-screens.

The beauty of taking a high-speed train is the amount of time you save. Taking a plane from one city to another, other than being a lot more expensive, deprives you of all the beautiful natural views on the way. In a plane, all you see are the clouds below whereas, in a train, you get to see all the majesty of Italy lying under that bright blue sky.

The best way to book your train tickets is to use our new online service. The online booking service from Hello Italy Tours provides real-time schedules and the best possible fares in a safe, secure manner. You can easily compare routes and fares, or search for train schedules. Traveling by train is a convenient, cheap, stress-free and fast way to explore the different towns and cities of Italy. Book ahead of time with Hello Italy Tours and take advantage of finding the lowest fares possible!

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