Limited traffic zones in Italy: keep your eyes open!

If you rent a car or you’re experiencing a Ferrari drive in Italy be very careful in the area you are driving.

Limited traffic zones or Zone a traffico limitato, as we say in Italian, are very common in most of the cities today in order to help decrease air pollution and traffic jams. These areas are clearly marked with street signs with a red circle showing the time frame you cannot enter.

Ztl steet sign

Sometimes you can see cars driving beyond warning signs but do not follow them as some local people have special permissions that allow them to drive in that area. Video surveillance photographs your license plate and delivers the fine directly to the registered car owner.  Beware of crossing these cameras because every time you do it is a new fine!

Once you see the sign most of the time it is already too late to turn around or to avoid entering. Therefore, keep your eyes open and I recommend doing a little online research before driving in these cities.

Once you drive in a foreign country it is very common and easy to turn on the GPS system and just follow the instructions but most of these systems are not updated with new ZTL zones in city centers so taking the shortest route could be costly.  Fines can vary from €50-80 but since you, most likely, are renting a car, the total amount will be increased by an administrative fee.  It is also common that people receive  fines  one year later.


  • Avoid to drive in city centers, try to find a parking garage or park outside the city center
  • Choose an alternative travel solution, book your trains with us. Trains are the best way to enjoy Italy in a safe and comfortable way.
  • Read carefully all signs
  • Check ZTL zones before driving in a new city
  • Ask advice from your car rental company

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By Linda Russo

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