Milano Expo 2015

After more than a century, Milano is once again hosting the acclaimed World’s Fair. In 1906, the theme of the universal exposition was transportation. This year, it revolves around “Nutrire la pianeta, energia per la vita” which means “Feeding the planet, energy for life.” With the participation of 145 countries, the involvement of quite a few corporate, civil societies and international organizations, the Expo aims to increase the awareness of people around the globe regarding food and energy issues. The exhibition covers 1.1 million square meters and planning to welcome as much as 20 million visitors from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Among the hundreds of pavilions set up on the site, the following five particularly stand out for their incredible architecture and unique concept.

Milano Expo China

China’s “Land of Hope, Food for Life”
China’s exhibit is composed of two houses beholding a wooden curved roof surrounded by a large garden of yellow flowers. Through this infrastructure, China wants to show that above all homes float a sky full of hope. Moreover, it explains that cities should be able to coexist with nature rather that cutting down acres of forest. The uniquely designed exhibit describes well the Chinese Philosophy, which stresses the fact that “man is part of nature.”

Milano Expo Britain

United Kingdom’s “Grown for Britain, Shared Globally”
Great Britain’s expo resembles a huge beehive. Once inside, you can hear the buzzing of the bees which makes the experience incredible. This giant steel structure shows the importance of bees in our society. Behind this exhibit, Great Britain wants people to understand how every action we make impacts other people’s lives in a way or another. Adding to that, the beehive tells us how essential it is to maintain a balance in the eco-system.

Milano Expo Israel

Israel’s “Fields of Tomorrow”
Israel exhibit is one that has wowed many visitors since the opening of the fair. The expo consists of a large vertical field containing a variety of plants of different colors, supposed to change with the passing by of seasons. Israel chose this very particular scene to illustrate how the country has transitioned from being an arid land where nothing would bloom to a fertile place for agriculture and innovation. Through this symbolic scene, the country is inspiring developing countries always to keep moving forward until they succeed.

Milano Expo Austria

Austria’s “Breathe Austria”
For Milan Expo 2015, Austria has decided to go for a fresh choice. The Eastern European country has managed to arrange a blissful green forest enough to provide oxygen to 1,800 people. Austria wants to inspire the world by making them realize the importance of trees and nature. This expo can also be considered as an inviting message to the millions of visitors of the Expo to discover and, why not, live in Austria.

Milano Expo Italy

Italy’s “The Nursery of Italy”
The Italian exhibit could be assimilated to an urban forest made with top quality materials. The structure displays Italy’s culture mainly through its food traditions. Also, the architecture shows the growth of ideas and innovation that has happened over time, but also puts forward the importance of connecting with the world, move forward and improve. The exhibit assuredly presents the hosting country’s ancestry and unique savoir-faire.

The Milan Expo is an incredible event that should definitely not be missed. Showcasing the work of 145 countries, coming together to sensitize about nutrition and energy issues, this World Fair is worth our attention. The Milan Expo is open every day from 10am to 11pm, and tickets can be purchased online.

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Another great option, stay in one of the major cities and take a high speed train on the Italian Rail, with Trenitalia, to Rho Fiera Milano station for the day.

For the duration of Expo Milano 2015, Domestic and International trains will stop at the station “Rho Fiera Milano Expo 2015,” the entrance of the Expo Site. Trenitalia offers the possibility to reach the site with High-Speed trains during the six months of the Universal Exhibition.

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