Pompeii, an endless discovery

Pompeii is a place of continuous discoveries, which never ceases to offer surprises.

Last year the excavations in the archaeological area brought to light new environments, frescoes, objects and jewels that make real the history of Pompeii in all its refined beauty.

The area exposing the greatest treasures is the one known as Regio V. A vast area of 15,000 square feet, which is still partially unexplored, and which includes many shops, 14 thermopolia (cook-shops), the House of Ara Maximum and that of the Triclinium.

The house of Jupiter

It is in Regio V that there is also the beautiful Casa di Giove (House of Jupiter). A house already partly excavated in the nineteenth century.

The domus takes its name from a picture depicting the king of gods, discovered at that time in the garden.

Stuccos and frescoes have emerged from the excavations last August, along with richly decorated marbles, which tell something more about the eccentric landlord.

This would be Senator Nonius Balbus, a powerful politician of the time. He chose to decorate his home with paintings in the latest fashion.

The surroundings of the atrium instead, have decorations in the first style, with stucco squares in faux colored marble. A style that in other Pompeian houses had been replaced by more modern decorations.

Probably the refined owner wanted to preserve for the most prominent rooms of his house those “vintage” paintings, which were considered the most in the Augustan period.

The fresco of Priapus

Also, in August emerged, for the first time in centuries, the second fresco known in the ancient city depicting Priapus (the god of prosperity), located in a domus on the Via del Vesuvio.

The painting, placed at the entrance of the house, was a symbol against the evil eye and for good luck.

The skeleton of a victim

In May, still in the Regio V area, the archaeologists found a skeleton of one of the last victims of the 79 AD eruption.

He tried to escape and get to safety, but the hot fury of Vesuvius hit him with a rock of 650 pounds. He was 35 and had a bad leg. Perhaps because of his disability he did not managed to escape in time.

Frescoes in Pompeii

Frescoes in Pompeii

Alley of the Balconies

In the past few months archeologists have also excavated a street of houses with intact balconies.

What amazes me most is Pompeian red of the paintings in the “Vicolo dei Balconi”. A color so intense as to seem just painted, is perfectly preserved by centuries-old layers of earth and ashes.

A color that recalled the wine so loved by the Romans

The war horses

Finally, another incredible discovery took place in the Civita Giuliana area, just outside the walls of the archaeological excavations.

The intervention had brought to light a series of service areas of a large villa preserved in an exceptional way, with different discoveries (amphorae, kitchen utensils, part of a wooden bed).
Among the environment the archaeologists identified the stable with the remains of three horses. Due to their grandeur and rich military trappings, they were probably representative animals.

These are just some of the extraordinary discoveries that, almost every day, come to light in the excavations of Pompeii and thanks to social networks, everyone can get to know them in real time.

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