San Gemini Italy known for its mineral water spring

Recently I had the privilege to go on a tour with travel professionals and journalists to Umbria Region in Italy.  Umbria, know as green heart of Italy. One visit was San Gemini a cute little village, province of Terni, with about 4500 inhabitants.

San Gemini is known for its mineral water spring and well-known for its curative properties.  Some of us actually walked down the stone steps into the underground.  We could hear the water cascading down.  There is a fantastic article about this Italian mineral water from Journal of Modern Italian Studies posted on Taylor & Francis Acqua minerale di Sangemini.  Acqua is water in Italian and Minerale is Mineral.

Mineral Springs San Gemini

San Gemini

Mineral water from this underground spring is actually exported to USA. I was amazed when I searched on Google for bottles of San Gemini water  found it on Amazon.  Unfortunately, the water was unavailable.

San Gemini comprised of typical medieval architecture and includes important artistic and religious monuments.  Some walkways impose power and strength the fascination of how cities and villages were built in Italy is unimaginable.

Walk way


I’ve been going to Italy for many years now,  each city or village has its own uniqueness.  The intricate details of these chess pieces are incredible; Italy has a fantastic way of boasting their arts.

Chess pieces San Gemini

The view from San Gemini was so serene to see the plowed fields in preparation for the next plantings and luscious green rolling land.

View from San Gemini

San Gemini with its soft blue sky above the expanse of the rolling landscape provides a tranquil setting for relaxation.

View From San Gemini

San Gemini consist of two districts. During Giostra dell’Arme – Joust of Arm from September 30 to October 15, 2017 they challenge each other in various competitions.  Horsemen recreate ancient jousting contests during this festival.  Some participants for this medieval festival  came out dressed in costumes while we were there.


We had a light lunch standing outside Osteria La Pecora Nera.  We were surprised there were Americans sitting at the only outside table.  What’s the chance of finding American’s in  San Gemini, the very tiny Italian Village?

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