Signature Villas – Amalfi Coast, Liguira, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, & Venice

Our portfolio of signature villas in Italy provide you with the ultimate holiday escape. We personally select and inspect the finest villas. All villas are specifically tailored to your style and requirements, and our team of experts will work closely with you to create a made-to-order trip of a lifetime.

The glittering Amalfi coastline is one of the most beautiful and spectacular coastlines in the world. Charming fishing villages perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi coast include Furore, Positano, Ravello and Amalfi. This dramatic coastline extends for 31 miles and known for its terraced lemon groves, evocative architecture and unparalleled views over the islands of Ischia and Capri. Here in “the country where the lemons bloom”, artists and poets have been inspired for more than seven centuries.

Liguria borders France and is surrounded by the Italian Alps, Apennines and the wonderful Ligurian sea. Our selection of villas often come with private pools and secluded terraces to soak up the sun, and enjoy magical views of this striking part of the world.

Puglia is the “spur” and “heel” of the Italian boot. This enchanting region has staggeringly beautiful beaches, charming trulli houses and picturesque white-washed villages to wander through. Our selection of signature villas includes traditional masserias and coned trulli that have been skillfully restored and hand-picked due to their unique locations, classic style and high standard of comfort.

Sicily is an island paradise in Italy waiting to be explored. This unique island is studded with ancient temples and other monuments, from Ancient Greek, Roman and Moorish invaders of the past. Sicilian villages are infused with culture and tradition, making them perfect for atmospheric strolling, sightseeing and dining out. Our selection of private retreats in magical locations all over the island is sure to please the most discerning travelers.

Few places could be more romantic to visit than the majestic city of Venice Stepping out of the train station to be greeted by the glistening canals is a magical experience; wholly unique to this amazing and beautiful city.  Our portfolio of properties in the best quarters of Venice, facilitates easy access to the main points of interest either by foot or by water taxi.

Our signature villas are perfectly placed to soak up the best of the Italian countryside and coastlines. Let our team of Italian specialists find your perfect villa today.

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