Spoleto Second Time Around Better Than The First

As I continued my journey with my travel professionals in the region of Umbria we visited  Spoleto.  I visited this ancient city  in the province of Perugia several years ago in January  without a tour guide.  The second time around was better than the first.

Michele continued to be our guide in Spoleto for our Umbria trip.  First stop was Teatro Romano – Roman Theater.

Roman Theater

Then we walked around the city and Michele explained about the walls and types of rocks.  Amazing that the walls and structure that were built so many years ago still remain today with some repairs overtime.

Michele our Guide

The Way of Saint Francis

I was fascinated by The Way of Saint Francis, a walking trail between Florence and Rome. The markings shown below, where a yellow stripe is on top with a blue stripe underneath.  On another post for San Gemini Mineral Water  it was  mentioned San Gemini water was sold on Amazon.  Funny thing,  I typed in Google The Way of Saint Francis to research a little more you can’t believe Amazon appeared again as the 3rd and 4th result.  Trust me I’m not advertising for Amazon but there must be a demand for this information.

Saint Francis WayIMG_0952St Francis Way

The ancient square stones glistened from the rain as we continued to walk the drizzle ended.  Onward we marched, admiring the foothill of the Apennines, giving us a glimps of the green heart of Italy.

Walkway in Spoleto    View in Spoleto         Spoleto

Art is in the eye of the beholder

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to visit many museums and always appreciated the arts.   Whether paintings are abstract, surrealism, conceptual or pop art just to name a few I appreciate ever talented artist even if some would say in a rudimentary form.   To switch from history or speaking of ancient topics I enjoyed seeing the paintings on the concrete, a twist of the new

Saint Francis Way

Artwork Spoleto                  Artwork in Spoleto

Most American’s would never  try some of the things that other countries eat.  What about  Mule’s Balls aka Coglioni di Mulo?  On the other hand, most American’s love pasta no matter what shape, have you ever heard of strangozzi?   We all eat grains in one form or another. Farro – compose of grains of ceratin wheat species.  Polenta – boiled cornmeal historically made from other grains these are just two of Italy’s favorites.  Tacked on the door frame with these grains were many other types of food.  Last but not least the Peperoncino in this case the peperoncini (plural) and garlic, two great products loved by many Americans.

Mule's Balls aka Coglioni di Mulo                                 Strangozzi Spoleto                             Farro and ......               Pepperoncini and Garlic only

 What a nice way to end the tour the view of a beautiful sunset and a photograph of a memory to last a lifetime.

Spoleto Sunset 1

As  a result of our great trip, why not try a night at Hotel Dei Duchi and contact us for any needs you have when traveling to Italy.

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