Top 5 things to do in Siena

Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Siena is one of the most remarquable cities of Tuscany. With a unique architecture and infrastructure, Siena a place you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be journeying through Tuscany.

1. Piazza Del Campo

Located in the heart of Siena, Piazza Del Campo is a incredible site you definitely should not miss on your trip! Indeed, this piazza stands out from the others in many ways. Indeed, if you walk down to the middle of the piazza and look around, you can easily catch a glimpse of the most important landmarks of the city. Trapezoidal in shape, the piazza is covered with red bricks giving you the impression you are walking on a gigantic red carpet. As you will also notice, the sloping piazza is divided into nine different sectors, representing the number of members part of the council. With the most popular bars and restaurants surrounding the place, Piazza Del campo remains the social center of Siena.

2. Duomo Di Siena

The Duomo Di Siena is a medieval cathedral built in the 13th century. Considered as one of the most spectacular cathedral of Italy, the Duomo of Siena is most definitely the most beautiful monument of the City. As a matter of fact, each of this church’s facade is unique and was meticulously designed. Once inside, the mesmerization doesn’t seize: With its wall and columns covered in black and white marble, its floor decorated with mosaics and its roof surrounded by beautiful stained glass, the Duomo Di Siena is considered as a real work of art.

3. Mangia Tower

Founded in 1325, the Mangia Tower dominates the city with its vertiginous height and striking architecture. To reach the top of the Tower, there is no easier way but to climb all of the 400 stairs. Sure, it might sound too painful but we can assure you that the view is definitely worth the effort. On top of the tower, you will realize that the tower is of the same height as the Duomo Di Siena. This was planned in order to show that the Church and the State were equally powerful. Although “Mangia Tower” means “Tower of the Eater,” its name was not chosen to reflect the atrocities that occurred up there. The tower was named after its first gardian, nicknamed ‘mangiaguadagni’ as he used to spend a lot of his money on food.

4. Civic museum of Siena

Among the carious monuments and landmarks of Siena, the Civic museum of the City is an amazing place where you can admire the finest art. This museum is known especially for the the fresco cycle of Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti that is situated in the Hall of the Nine. Through this painting, the Government of the Nine wanted to show the population that having a solid institution of justice was essential to ensure peace in a society. This painting is extraordinary as it covers all three walls of the rooms and is incredibly detailed, enabling you to have a clear idea of how the City looked like back in the days.

5. Feel Siena

During your stay in Siena, do not hesitate to walk aimlessly around Siena. Indeed, the City is well known for its narrow and steep streets networking Siena. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of authentic Italian food while holidaying there. While other touristy cities only propose common dishes, Siena’s restaurants and bars offer local recipes prepared with ingredients such as wild boar, hare, local sausages or liver. After a long hot day going around the City and discovering Siena’s treasures, sitting at the table of a nice restaurant to enjoy a delicious diner and a fine glass of wine is all you need to end the day on a positive note.

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